4 factors selection of Air Conditioning For Control Boxes

4 factors selection of  Air Conditioning For Control Boxes





 In the industrial that have the process to produce machines. There are the electrical and electronic devices inside control boxes and it will not receive Preventive Maintenance. It will make the devices have short service life and not operate in full performance.


      From previous topic we talk about how to extend the service life of electrical and electronic devices by several ways such as  How to extend service life electrical and electronics device inside electrical box, control box, Switch bord (MDB) by Cabinet Filter Fans and install air conditioner to control temperature and decrease humidity (Air Conditioner For Control Boxes) Air Condition for control boxes for knowing the benefit of air conditioner.






     By this topic we will suggest 4 factors to choose Air Conditioner For Control Boxes to suit with control boxes, electrical boxes, switchboard boxes (MDB) as follow


  1. Cabinet boxes size or inside box area by calculate value to square meter (M2) use formula as Total Area  = (2xHxW)+(2xHxD)+(DxW) *H = Height, W = Width, D = Depth *


     2. Load inside cabinet boxes (Calculate formula)


               such as Inverter, Power Supply, PLC, Relay, SCR, Servo etc.


               *from calculate  Heat Loss (KW) 10% of all load*


    3.Temperature outside boxes (ºC Out) is heat temperature from environment outside cabinet effect to heat transfer is difficult and it can make the damage to devices.




               From formula Heat form from box size (Q1) = (Coefficient for Heat Transferx (Total Area) x (temperature difference) *in Watt (W) unit*




          Inside temperature(ºC In) is temperature which caused by the heat from devices inside cabinet.


               From formula Heat of the devices inside box (Q2) = (Temperature inside box) + ((10%) x (Heat of the devices inside boxes) * (in Watt (W) unit) *


    Total heat (Qt) = (the heat from box size ((Q1) + (Heat from device inside cabinet Q2)) *unit watt (W)*




     4. Temperature inside box as require such as the temperature adjustment inside control box because it needs reference from an environment outside such as Outside temperature 45 ºC should decrease temperature inside cabinet around 10-15 ºC or estimate 10ºC (should not over 35ºC) which is the suitable situation to devices inside box because if temperature inside control box over 35ºC it will affect the devices inside box have short service life. If inside the control box has temperature less than 28 ºC will affect to humidity in the boxes and may be made water drop on control box walls in case the temperature difference more than 10ºC.




     Example Cooling Unit Calculation (BTU)  Air Conditioner For Control Boxes








     Air Conditioner calculation CLICK




     Air Conditioner for Control Boxes Structure made from Galvanized for normal industrial application.




Picture shows the installation characteristics of Air Conditioner for Control Boxes




     Air Conditioner for Control Boxes Structure made from Stainless for food industry.






Picture of Stainless Air Conditioner for Control Boxes






     There is also Air Conditioner for Control Boxes is suitable for large cabinet boxes or have the heavy loads inside the boxes by side installation which has the cooling system inside air conditioner. It can send the cold wind to inside control box13000 BTU and can protect the humid and dirt problem perfectly. The system will be close system to exchange the heat and these heats will return back in air intake for exchange to outside.




Picture shows the installation characteristics of Air Conditioner for Control Boxes in Side installation
(Dimension Width 508mm. / Height 1234mm. / Depth 368mm.)




     Recommended : Should install Air Conditioner in Side installation position (Side Installation Cabinet) to decrease the problem about water draining or user have to install air conditioner on the top of cabinet (Top Installation Cabinet) in case installation area is limited. Air Conditioner should have protection system such as overflow, clogged draining tube because it will made the condensation to protect the electronics has damaged.  (Air Conditioner top installation model PE-4000 has 2 draining tube).


     Remark: 4 factures to choose Air Conditioner for Control Boxes from above is just a facture to considerate the Cooling Unit (BTU) of air conditioner of cabinet box.