Necessary Detail for Select the Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder (Data Logger)

Necessary Detail for Select the Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder (Data Logger)


    The Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder or Data Logger is the Electronics Device is designed for collect and parameter storage from measure instrument in the industrial at least one value such as Thermocouple, RTD, Electrical Analog Signal like 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, Temperature Humidity Sensor, Pressure Transmitter, etc. The parameter from the measuring instrument whether Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Speed and Electrical Power (Kwh), Volt(V), Amp(A). The device will connect with the Recorder to record the value in various ways such as Paper Recorder, Paperless Recorder, Portable Recorder or Datalogger Model KM-18 to Data Record for audit later or storage product information such as Food, Beverage, Medicine. The product requires temperature and humidity controlling during transportation under the standard to prevent the effect on products

 Necessary Detail for Select the Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder (Datalogger) commonly used in the industrial has appearance and model as follows:

Paperless Recoder

TRM-20 Series (Brand TOHO)

Paper Recoder

          TRM-10C Series (Brand TOHO)

Portable Recorder


Data Logger receive data via RS-485 and record on SD Card

KM-18 Series (Brand PM)
Remark: * Paper Recoder Model TRM-10C Series has the model  Dot ( 6 Point) and  Pen (1 and 2 Pen) *

From the lasted topic, we have discussed  Temperature and humidity 4-20mA,0-10Vdc recorders. What type are there? Today, our topic will resemble last time and underline inNecessary Detail for Select the Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder (Data Logger) to selecting the suitable for the industrial.

            For Selecting the Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Signal Recorder (Data Logger) has 5 main thins as follows:

        1. We have to know how many Inputs of the device from Datasheet such as 1 Input, 2 Input, 3 Input, 4 Input, 6 Input, 8 Input, 9 Input, 12 Input, etc.
           2. Type of Input that we will connect with it like, Thermocouple, RTD, DC Current (4-20mA), DC Voltage (±1V, ±5V, 1-5V, ±10, ±10mV), RS-485, etc.
           3. Type of Output Signal or Alarm Relay Out, Digital Output, Open collector, RS-232, RS-485, WIFI, etc.
           4. Required Data will choose the Recorder, Data Logger application such as Paperless, Paper or data storage in SD-Card Memory, USB Memory, TRM-10C able to select the form recording in PEN type (1, 2 Channel) and Dot type (6 Channel).
           5. Installation such as Panel Mounting, DIN Rail, or Portable


5 lists from above can be made the user choose the device that fit in the applications and save cost to avoid the function over the job and can select the installation form for best efficiency. For example, the connecting for application of Paperless Recorder Model TRM -20 Series and Paper Recorder Model TRM-10C Series.


Picture 1 The application Recoder Type Paperless with Thermocouple Type K for record the Temperature

     From picture 1 the application of the Paperless Recoder Model TRM-20 Seriesconnect with Thermocouple Type K (Probe type) 6 machines for record temperature data for apply with Heater.

Picture 2 The connecting diagram of Paper Recoder with Pressure Transmitter for record Pressure value

     From picture the application ofPaper Recoder Model TRM-10C Seriesapply with Pressure transmitter Analog Signal 4-20mA/0-10VDC 6 Machine for record pressure value.

The application example of the temperature, Humidity and Electrical Signal Recoder (Datalogger)

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