TMP-Series: Digital Temperature Controller PID Control Function

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• TMP-Series is a temperature controller or Process Digital display with 7-Segment 4 digits 

• Universal input. Thermocouple, PT100, 4-20 mA, 0- 10 YDC 

• ON/ OFF, P, PD, PID Auto Tuning Control 

• Relay output, SSR 0- 10 VDC, 4 -20 mA, 0 -10 VDC 

• RS-48S Communication MODBUS RTU Protocol 

• Auto Tuning for Auto PID 

• Baragraph shows% Output 

• Check function Heater break 

• Can be selected for both heating and cooling 


      The TMP-Series is a temperature and process controller that universal input Thermocouple, PT100, 4-20 mA and 0- 10YDC inputs. Thermocouple and can select Type K,J, R, T, N, S, PT100 and 0-100 mY by pressing the keypad switch can control the whole system is Heating is output ON when the value is lower than Set point or Cooling system is output ON when the measured value is higher than setpoint. Both the ON/ OFF, P, PD and PIO. TheTMP -Series can manually find the PIO by pressing the button. Auto Tuning The system automatically learns the system and PID settings, thus ensuring system stability. In addition, the ON / OFF control can also set the Hysterisis to 0-100% Full Scale. To set the ON and OFF values 

      The TMP-Series can choose from two output types: Output 1 acts as Heating and Output. 2 acts as Cooling by referencing the same setpoint for more controllable inputs such as Output. 1 Heater Control for Heating and Output 2 Fan Control For cooling exceptTMP-48 (48x48 mm.) No Output 2 

       Heater Break is a function Check Heater is absent, there will be a CT on the Heater’s wires to measure the current in the absence of current fiow, indicating that the Heater is inactive